Sarahs Blog

This Blog records the fictional life of Sarah. A Ph.D. History candidate, studying and living abroad in Wales. Advancing intuitively as well, this blog records her struggles and thoughts on love, travel, changes and life’s mysteries.

These are stories I have made up in my head for years, some of them reflect fantasies I have about my own life or situations that I have been in. For the longest time I have found the urge to write them down, seriously, and dedicate myself to making them into a physical story instead of it living in my head. At one point the Sarah that I kept in my mind was motivation, a model of the women I will become. Lately, I found this fantasy world damaging because it has been kept in my head so long. Damaging in a way where I see this story as my future, and keeping it in my head makes me detached from real life, seeing no other option but this future, that is really a fantasy.  So I’m finally putting it out on paper, its like I can see how the story has crawled out of my fantasies and is trying its best to manifest itself into a real story.

Anyways, writing it down is definitely going to change some things, I’m going to have to make choices and really develop other characters. I’m excited to begin and write it in a blog format – in that way it goes with my first-person fantasy point of view.  – Terri

I hope other people get the chance to enjoy it one day. My main intention is for practice and peace of mind ❤  – Terri Bograve