Prompt from Aquarius Nation; Affirmation of the Day

Hearts Opened = Healing.
Allow your heart to fully open and just feel this.
You don’t have to run from the feels.
You jsut need to ride tem to the end.
Where the healing takes place.  – @aquariusnation

The past few weeks have been super intense emotionally, I keep finding myself retreating into the places of my mind that I know no longer serve me. feeling emotions I know I don’t need to be. I keep on wanting to just be okay again, but that only makes it worse because I become more frustrated when I feel the feels that I don’t want to be.

This week I aim to embrace my irrational emotions. Ride the wave and know that it’s okay to feel it out just a little bit longer because soon, most likely without em even realizing it, I will be okay again. My new life will start to feel normal and routine and I will be able to focus on what serves me, makes me happy, and helps me grow.


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