Recognizing Evanescence

My family always had big parties.
All my family members and family friends would gather in our backyard at least once every Summer to celebrate everything all at once. Birthdays, Graduations, Trips, Retirements, New Jobs.
This summer, my family was celebrating a move.


My Mom and Stepdad decided to make a big change and move across the country. they through a party, one of the most memorable they have had. these parties often end late and I usually end up in the front yard, saying goodbye to a guest, or good night to my mom who is fiddling around in the motor home in the driveway.

As I turned to go back inside this time, I realized it was the last time I would do this. And those memories of how many times I had walked up my driveway in the middle of the night, feeling strangely peaceful under the deep blue night sky came flooding back. I realized that this may be another moment that would fade quickly and may not even be remembered. So I snapped a pic. trying to immortalize the peace i felt and capture a good last memory of my last family home.

via Photo Challenge: Evanescent


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