Family matters,

This weekend I said good bye to my final childhood home as my mom made a big move across the country. To my surprise I was quite emotional or maybe just reflective I guess because so didn’t cry or anything, about saying good bye to my home town. 

This weekend included a part and family gatherings for mothers day where I realized just home much important family is or maybe I was reminded of what family was. While in my undergrad, everything was about my life in Ottawa, my college friends and my part time job. I forgot to be thankful and aware of how much support I have within my family and how many people are proud of me.  

Leaving Niagara this time I was saying good bye to the last house I lived in with my Family, where everycorner and cupord hokd memories. I said good bye to my blue wall in my room which I always thought was so cool and self defining, the window sill where i asked my joints when i smoked weed before bed in high school. Im also saying good bye to opportunities and visits i take for granted. This new chapter means visits will consitst of strictly family visits and actually connecting with family because I’ll be sleeping on their couch or insure of when I’ll see them next. I’m bad with that kind of intimacy, but this weekend made me willing.  


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