Letting Go, for Now?

Accepting Loneliness and Knowing the Universe Has Got Your Back.

For a while now I have realized that I’m constantly in a rush. When I want something in my life I need it right away. Why? When did I start being like this? How is this affecting my life now?

Well long story short, the why is because being stagnant, no change or no significant other in my life makes me feel lonely. I have kind been like this forever. I remember when I was little needing every new sims expansion pack right away, which later changed to new Apple device and now, tea and makeup. What’s helped me realize my neediness, is how I felt when there was proof of declining contact with me and Mr. Manifest. the convos are short and boring and he doesn’t make an effort to contact me first or snap me when I know he’s just hanging out. And I realized that I had expected things to advance quickly I had wanted someone to love and care for and communicate with me regularly right away. Why did I expect (and want) life to move so fast?  – I have chalked this up to my fantasy life I envision for myself which would technically only be a few years away ( I have taken steps to stop dependence on this fantasy life – see my other page “Sarah’s Blog”).

So, upon this distance with Mr. Mani, a dude who I had harbored a lot of cosmic feelings for, left me quite disappointed. Technically it would shake my faith to realize that some guy I had thought I manifested is no longer meant for me. Earlier this year when I was discussing letting someone go, my psychic stopped me when I was speaking because I was describing cutting someone off, forgetting about them, severing ties. She corrected me and said that letting go shouldn’t be severing anything, but letting them fly and distance themselves away from you and accepting that. And with that, allowing them to come back. Keeping a cycle of love open.

So that’s what I intend to do with Mr. Manifest. It’s sad thinking that me letting him go might lead him to another girl or to end up completely forgetting me for a while. But also being optimistic that he could come back because everything that is yours comes to you at the right time.  And if this is the end end, I have learned so much about love and relationships and stuff ( i was a late bloomer on this one) and it’s so worth it.

– ❤ Theresa Belle



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