End of Undergrad.

Yesterday, was the last official day of my four years of my undergrad. The friends that I have had since the first year got together for one last small party and I helped clean up move out my friends who all lived in the same house. I kinda moved out too, the house was practically my second home in Ottawa, I had kept toiletries there and had found random things that were mine throughout the process. It felt weird because I am staying in Ottawa and some of these friends are never coming back, or will only ever visit. The conclusion was also strange because it made me reflect on how important these four years have been to my development, particularly with two of my close friendships and my relationship with The Dude.

I could write more about how the night went etc but In the end what’s important is that these past four years have built me into who I am now. and now that there is a significant change in my life; no focus on school, friends leaving (no dude to pine after every few weekends), and soon moving houses myself, has all made me realize that now I am able to work on myself and do things I love. in a mire present way too, I mean having changed so much within the past four years but still being under this umbrella of “undergrad life” has made some mindsets and habits stick around and now that it’s over and can fully let those go and welcome in new mindsets and patterns that I have been trying to implement for so long.

I am so excited for this next era of my life and am so grateful for everything I have learned and experience through the people I have met, and the classes I have taken. I am ultimately left with a great sense of direction in where I want to go and who I want to be in life. and am very optimistic bout my future

all the love to my undergrad selves and friends ❤ ❤   -t


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