Astrological New Year


March 20th marked the official start of spring and the beinging of the astrological new year. I think its safe to say that this marks a completely eyar where i was attentive to how the positioning of the planets have been affecting my life and every month I find my self mroe and mroe aware of the moon and its effect on me.  I found the need to celebrate this anniversary of my connection with the universe as well as to appreciate Gaia and all that this planet offers me.

This Year. . .

before the 20th I was feeling mad stress, I had two presentations due monday and had to visit freinds for the weekend, keep up with a boy, and prepare for the heavy workload in the weeks to come. my negativity was bringing me down. Just when i htought things weer looking up when i carved time out of my day to get work done atthe library while I was out of town, my laptop crashed. Taking all my research ntoes and presentation prep with it, I was ledt to complete two presentations from memory and lost all my research ntoes for 3 up coming asignments. After I arrived back home and got settled after this ‘disaster’ I realized that this was actually one of the best things that could happen.

I had spent so much time beign nervouse about presentign well and having enought information prepared, now I was in a situation where I could only do my best with what i had.  In a way my computer crashing had been a perfect way to hit the restart button for this astrological new year.

Additional to the clean sweep of my school work clutter, i tidied up my room and rearranged a few things, unconsciously doing things that fit with the new energy and fresh start being welcomed in by the planets.

After my presentations were complete ( received well by my professors) my other stresses seem much mroe managable, and this spring itme energy is making me feel capable and focused while also making me feel more playful about the way I look at the next threee weeks of my undergrad.


Flash Back…

I specifically remeber last year around this time because i instagramed a picture of my self when the moon was in pisces, sayign it made me feel focused ( looking back now i was rather depressed but i think i wrote about that in another post). I had also just accepted the fact that i was going to be in Europe for the majority of the summer and was anxious to get things going, i had to pack and finsih up my courses assignments and exams. This was a beignign of a period that has bascially lasted until now or at least 2017, where i rushed through everything. like i hit a fstforward button becasue i wanted to get to the good part (which i thought was europe but looking back i see how i was in fast forward then too). My goal for this year is to definetly slow things down. Appreciate simple things, live in the moment, breathe, be playful with my time and how I spend it and approach things.


Part of this also is to constantly write my thoughts. Of course for school i write weekely responses and that helps me practice but blogging and writign my thoughts about this kind of stuff down helps this “astrolgoical, introspective, intune” part of me become more part of my outer world. not just the world inside my head.




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