Palm Reading

because of the sun in Pisces nd the moon in Aquarius on Friday I was feeling very unfocused and got quite sad so I knew it was important to get out of the house today. I went downtown and worked in a coffee shop on my readings, and i had the urge to go to my favorite crystal shop, it was raining so at frist I decided not to go, but something was telling me I had to.

Immediately I was attracted to these rings I saw, the crystals set in them were a pleasant shade of pink. When I asked the girl at the counter what they were for she said that of the top of her head it was for selling houses – which is funny because I had just written up an add looking for new tenants for my current rental. That’s how I knew this stone just actually be calling to me.

A further look at the description of the stone was wild because it is all the things I’m looking for right now.


  •  effective stone for psychic protection: lately I’ve been feeling very sensitive in crowds, collecting negative energies that aren’t mine.
  • Stimulates enlightenment, opening the crown chakras and linking them to the base, it stimulates change and helps put it into reality: Lately I’ve been very in tune to the changes mentally and spiritually, and am in need of a little bit more assistance to help maintain these changes and good habits and make my future a reality.
  • excellent for public speaking, it imparts clarity and focus and confidence to your thoughts and communication, prevents interference with the transmission of your views: I’m currently preparing a few papers and one big presentation which I am nervous about.  And in general, I find myself not explaining myself clearly enough sometimes.
  • helps break old habits and attitude that keep you in the past, facilitates forward movement: I’ve mentioned the sense of transition experiencing and am definitely in need of some help for habits to be broken – thinking about certain ppl or feelings, eating bad things, sleeping too much, smoking too much.
  • useful for overcoming exaustion, increase stamina, helps cardiothoracic system. : this is amazing, because this whole week I have noticed how tired I was, I was sleeping in too late for my normal self and my normal workouts weren’t as enjoyable or easy. The thing about my heart is interesting because I’ve been experiencing mini anxiety attacks and some stress around my heart and trouble breathing – none since I put on the ring though.

I also got a Palm reading done which ultimately affirmed some things I have been thinking and brought up some things I have never even talked about.

She said my current life is being protected from my past life influences by my guardian angel and she mentioned possibly this would be a grandparent – which is something I’ve heard before so that’s super cool. Thanks Grandma for hooking me up and keeping me on such a good track I love where I am at and am grateful for all the opportunities and lessons learned from opportunities not taken or missed.

She said I will have a career that’s more for money not so much what I love and around 45 years old I’ll break away from that career and do what I really want to.

She said I’ll have two love stories / marriage like situations. Here she had a hard time distinguishing because the first dude might not show up until I’m 25 – this I think could possibly mean when we are actually together or in a ‘marriage-like’ situation. she also wasn’t sure if it was a boy in my life currently. When she referred to her cards she said the boy in my life is my first love story and that he likes me more than I like him. I can’t remember 100% but I feel like we discussed that it will take some time either for love to fully bloom or something like that. I’ve also heard that I would have two marriages before so, interesting.

She said I would have 4 pregnancies and one possibly terminated or I just don’t want to get pregnant so it won’t happen but if I wanted to it would which is very interesting bc I don’t want kids. But today at the coffee shop I saw a mother and daughter and I thought about approaching the mother and saying that seeing them together made me want to have kids – her daughter couldn’t have been more than 8 and they each had a pastry and coffee. the mom was acting like she was having coffee with a friend, a buddy, and teaching her good manners and lessons, and their convos were cute too.

She said I’d be good at working with psychology/ ppl in crowds which is actually anthropology which I’ve been interested in from a historical perspective. She discussed later in life I will want to use my abilities to help ppl, particularly abused women. This amazed me because this was something I’ve only ever thought to myself. I’ve thought about having an organization or group home or something where I can help people work through their traumas through spiritual enlightenment and practices. She also suggested I would be a good life coach(something I have also thought about).  ]

. She said to start saving money bc one day I will have it but along the road to that point I’ll need it. I think that’s it that’s all I can remember rn but she said if I do readings for my friends never do it for free or with food on the table

Ultimately this day helped me reaffirm basically all of the spiritual goings on I have thought about recently and makes me very excite for my future.



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