Pisces New Moon

The Pisces new moon is said to mark a transitional period in our year. Is it the beginning of a new astrological year?  ( I checked it’s the last new moon till the spring equinox which is the beginning of the astrological year – march 20th. – this is also proof that I’m still learning woo.) which means time to clear out and restore mentally and spiritually. I have taken notice of the new phases in my life but have to let go of the past and accept the present as it is. Really be present in the present.

Last year during this new moon I remember how I was feeling specifically. It was definitely a new phase in my spirituality, I subscribed to certain astrological websites, received really in-depth monthly forecasts (which I only kept up with for a  few months). I spent the beginning of that astrological year thinking I needed assistance in growing m spirituality, which I guess I did a little but this year I have a good hold on it myself and I think it my turn to help others get more in tune with their intuition and how the universe is helping them.

There is this picture on my Instagram that took on the march 2016 full moon, I posted it because I thought I was finally at peace with my temporal life and ready to take on a new spiritual journey. Looking at this picture now I recognize how unhappy my thoughts were and how the act of posting that picture was a way of me seeking attention I felt I needed because I didn’t fully let go of my past feelings and thoughts.

This New moon I hope to prepare myself for a true purification of feelings and thoughts that no longer serve me. Even dwelling on things that have made me progress, slow me down in the present because I am still thinking about the past. It’s time to truly ground myself – if anyone has any tips or meditations let me know.




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