meditation transformation

today while I was meditating after a quick yoga practice – it wasn’t a deep meditation or anything- something interesting happened.
A few times when I can’t really get my mind to stop exactly I go to my visualized place of Zen. It’s basically a lush forest with a lake in a clearing.
The majority of times I go there, it was always overcast, but that’s why I liked it so much. And I control how it looks and what I do, but today I didn’t have that much control over it.

When I went there today, it started to downpour immediately. I was getting soaked. This torrential rain in any other imaginary landscape would have induced fear or suspicion if I was dreaming,  I probably would have run for cover. But in my Zen I knew I was safe, I wondered if the rain was meant to wash me clean of anything. I climbed up in a tree while it was raining and sat there.

When the sun came out I laid in the clearing of grass by the lake on top of my clothes and let the sun dry up all the water on me as it got brighter.

The sun got the brightest I have ever seen it in my Zen. I felt warm and refreshed.

It was very interesting, I didn’t know if this was just a nice meditation to get me refreshed for the day or if the images coming to my head were symbolic of the transformation I’ve been feeling lately.

Making conscious decisions for wellness and change and being mindful is very magical.



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