There was a moment.
Actually, it was longer than a moment I was surprised at how long it went on for.

There was a moment,
where I felt my world changing,
I felt the shift,

the movement in energy

as if all the atoms and forces around me were shifting to line up with yours.

you were so many miles away, but because the universe knew we would be together soon, it started to pull.

I had forgotten what you meant to me, the first time we met,

you were fresh air, you were new possibilities, you were a different world.

And I felt like it was a world I belonged in, a world that was meant for me because I was finally acting like who I visualize myself to be,

Now I’m thinking that I may have made these feelings up.

No, because you felt it too, you said I stuck with you, and I think no matter what we will always be in the back of each other’s minds.

I hope it works out, I hope I see you again, I hope you talk to me.

because nothing is harder than being so close to feeling like the person you are trying to be,

then have that thing that gives you that feeling make only a cameo in a scene you thought it would star in.



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