Just a quick recap of what I experienced this past year

I opened this year up exactly the opposite way of what i wanted to be / what i would end up the year like – desperate for affection and letting myself fade into the backgroud

I lost my virginity

fell in love with people, things, history topics.

I found my callin

I had my heart broken

I honored the full moon and new moon and eventually learnt the correct meaning of their medicine

I let some friends go

I made some more

I was depressed for a time

I lived in a basement

I gained 10 pound

I lost 15

I practiced yoga quite often

I worked up to running 22 minutes with out stopping

My elbows can finally touch my knees when i do bicycle crunches

I confronted my roomates

I lived with rats

I got a New Job

I moved out of my basement

I dove deep into spiritual development

I owned up to my debt

I graduated

I have witnessed divinely timed moments

I recognized how much I had been repressing my true self

I felt extremely uncomfortable

I found a soul I used to know

I met a new one

I lost and Uncle

I came to terms with my intuitive ability

I recognize how much more I have to learn

I know now that I need to be in nature more, and recognize the importance of family.

I now honor the friendships I have

I found myself, my truth, my path.


I have spent my whole tarot journey believing pulling Death does not refer to phsycial death – however, this time it may have.

I have been recreationally using Tarot cards for 3 years or so. These past few months I have even taken a course which goes deeper into the soul meaning of each card, but throughout my entire tarot journey, it was always clear that Death did not predict physical death.death

Death is a card that represents transformation. This could mean many things, changing habits, a new era of your life or career – one time I pulled death and I felt it resonate with the fact that I had finished binge-watching Greys Anatomy and had to move on with my life.

Anyways, throughout taking my tarot course these past few months I expected death to crop up, after all, I was going through tons of transformation and spiritual growth. However, Death didn’t show its face until a week or so ago. My Tarot course was ending, true signs of winter were starting to emerge, I began to question which areas of my life and thought processes were being transformed further as well, I mean, my growth and spirituality have been something that has been progressing for some time now but was it exactly a transformation? Nothing that I reflected on really resonated with the presence of this card until I got the news that my Uncle died.

Now, I am not saying the cards predicted his death. He became ill a while ago and it was half expected, half denied. Anyways, what is important here is not that he died, it is what his death means in reference to the transformation of my life and how it affects the dynamic of my family. As I have said, my growth and spiritual development seemed to be progressing regularly and yet I hadn’t felt a clear-cut leap from one phase of life into another. Everything about me in relation to my family and my physical reality had remained unchanged until now. This time marks a point where I can refer to my actual word changing – someone real is no longer in it, my relationships with family members will change, and a part of my childhood is now just a memory.

Thinking about his death in this way makes me reflect big time on transformation. How my childhood  – young adulthood has shaped me and how I am moving on from that, stronger and more centered in my purpose.

Writing this post would totally seem morbid and weird had another event not just happened.
While meditating, intending to center myself to write some horoscopes, I visualized a bridge (Lindsay Macks channeling for Decembers Monthly Medicine, you can listen to it at soundcloud.com/tarotforthewildsoul) and my uncle was waiting for me on it. We had a conversation about my transformation, my next phase of life- I think he intends to check in every now and then on the bridge and show me support. Anyways, I have never felt such a real presence of a person through meditation before. Still grasping the idea that it was my intuition and ability to connect rather than my imagination, either way, I am grateful to know I have someone hanging out, cheering me on while I cross the bridge into the next phase of my life.


Like a magic wand, which wields power from the wizard or witch who uses it, the Suit of wands represents your ability to use your power. This power could be your talents, your personal will power or you overall energy and enthusiasm toward life and your presence in outer world activities.

Wands are often positive cards, lately in my readings i find that they relate to my personal spiritual growth and the work i put towards it – where as cups represents the harmony i find in the spiritual realm.

Key Word: Self expression, Potential, Creativity, Energy.


Get in Tune with the Moon – An ameteur guide to navigating the Moon Phases

I emailed my first ever New Moon readings to friends this weekend – feels good to share my thoughts and true spirit with the new Moon energy flying around. This was what i sent:

Hey Friends!

For those of you who know me (or know of me) you may know that I have been paying attention to the cycles of the moon and their meanings / relations to my life for over the past year. I have used multiple sources regarding the moon phases that have helped me dig a little deeper into certain areas of my life each month that corresponded to stresses or issues I was dealing with. By having my issues explained or released by the energy of the different moon cycles I have grown a hell of a lot, and have really just gotten to know myself better and that alone helps me really get psyched about my life and makes everything I do even more meaningful.


I decided to start sharing this information in order to further my own growth, but also in the hopes of helping someone else get to the roots of their personal development, release stresses or clue in to some deeper understanding of the universe and feel those spiritual vibes!!

Sometimes what I say according to your sun sign may not resonate with you right away that’s normal, feel free to look at what I write for your moon or rising sign as well, you can find out what those are by creating a natal chart @ http://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php !  At the very least you might be amused at the coincidences of some of these facts I throw at you.

I add tips, suggested activities or a mantra at the end of the description if any of you feel the need to do something to release tension or stress you may be feelin’

Disclaimer: These facts are not completely my own, I refer to multiple books and websites and add my own intuitive suggestions based on those. Feel free to share this if ya want. I’m trying to not be embarrassed about my astro vibes. Also feel free to ask me questions or even get a tarot reading if something in your life is really eating at you.

Thanks for reading and I hope this serves ❤ ❤


Let me just go over a few things first…


Why is the Moon so important?

Well you know how all the planets correspond to certain things like Venus is love and relationships, and Mercury is communication? Well the moon corresponds to emotions. So when it reaches its height at the Full Moon and when it starts its new cycle at the New Moon certain our Emotions are heightened as well.



What the fuck are The Houses and what do they have to do with the Moon?

The emotions being heighted and effected by the Moon phases are not the same for everyone. They are different for each sign. The moon is in a different “house” for each sign. And The Houses are basically there helping us pin point the cause or subject of the emotion you might be feeling brought on by the moon. So Simply put the Moon = Emotion Houses= Subject of the Emotion

Fun analogies that I came up with to understand what The Houses are better that were too good not to include in this newsletter are:

– Like how in Harry Potter each character’s values and morals can be revealed by knowing what House they were in at Hogwarts. (that comparison is for you Nicole 😉)

– You can also think of it as the Moon being and actor, lets say… Zac Efron and The House it is in being what character or persona he is taking on.


What does the New Moon mean?

Ultimately the new moon represents a new lunar cycle. This new cycle also brings opportunity for us to welcome in a new cycle within our lives. It gives us a good chance to get clear with what we want in a certain area of our lives, manifest a bit or get in tune with our goals. This is the perfect time to make new moon wishes and set intentions.  Each house here then tells you which area may be good to focus on either because you want to or because you have neglected it recently. It’s ultimately time to check in.


Monday August 21st, New Moon in Leo

Okay, so I picked a hell of a Cycle to start writing these news letters because this is a huge month. Not only is it the Second New Moon in Leo in row, it is also a solar eclipse This means overall Everyone is experiencing huge change. This change maybe more internal or mental, everyone seems to be making secret plans for their future, constructing dream senarios in their head and slowly making movements into making them a reality. This is due to the solar eclipse, and the changes we make during this new cycle, the intentions we set for ourselves are set up to achieve long term success! Many astrologers look at the Solar Eclipses as a chance to Reset in almost every aspect of our lives (some even celebrate it as a mini New Year!), my readings below are more like a guide to where to start looking to reset or refresh in your life based on where the moon is in realtion to your sign!

More info about the special New Moon Solar eclipse can be read here: http://astrologyking.com/solar-eclipse-august-2017/





The Readings

Finally here are the New Moon Readings corresponding to your Zodiac sign, I always find it helpful to look at my Moon and rising sign as well to get a look at the bigger picture – especially with the eclipse as a lot more then just one aspect is being highlighted for everyone.

And, before you get confused. Yes, I did correspond most to a Zac Efron Reference/Character – it was fun.


Leo: Leo Rising

Moon in your First House

Breaking Free: This New Moon is all about how you are representing yourself to the world. You may want to focus on your outer appearance, or on how a specific person sees you right now. Think of Troy Bolton, preforming Breaking free in front of all his class mates and father, officially coming out as an athlete who loves to sing. As a Leo myself last month this energy made me become more open about who I am spiritually, it made me make this newsletter! Overall, now is a good time for leos to shine a light on a different part of themselves and show it to the world. Or reflect on who it is you really want to be, for some it may mean making an effort to change how the world sees you.

Tips: Take this new moon as an opportunity for a new beginning, set intentions for who you intend to be for the next month, next year or next whatever.


Virgo: Virgo Rising

This new moon is about you. The REAL you. Like deep down, your most secret self. You may be feeling need to hide away, have some time alone – you may have been feeling this for the past few weeks even. This New Moon brings the opportunity for you to find some inner peace. This crazy energy may be because it’s the end of a larger lunar cycle for you -next month the New Moon will be in your first house where you will get a good burst of energy and light shining on the outer you and you will be back to feelin’ yourself soon enough!  If you’re feeling conflict with your need to retreat, remember that it’s okay to distance yourself in order to recharge and search for inner peace.

This time also brings some reflection on your dreams or unconscious self, bringing stuff to the surface that is worth considering. What are you dreaming about? Callin’ up a hot dude? Or writing your own novel? Applying for a different job? Now is a good time to seriously consider those dream as a potential reality.

Tips: Go over the last year, think of what went right and what you are proud of.

Think of your dreams. What small step could you make now towards making them come true?

Libra: Libra Rising

Zac Efron In High School Musical 2: Where he neglects his friends in order to pursue those rich basketball sponsors and Gabriella ends up breaking up with him.

The Moon is currently in your house of Friendships and Hopes and Dreams. This is pretty rad because ultimately you can wish for anything!! Like Troy Bolton that summer you are seeing the possibilities of life ahead of you.  This over all feeling may have brought you closer to friends – your feel good energy creating a bubble of good vibes or, your dreams may have been feeling so big that you have started to feel a little lonely. If you happen to be feeling down in the dumps when it comes to friendships, you may need to pay more attention to your social life. You may have felt lately that you have had to go through something alone, this is not the case. Reach out to who ever it is you’ve been missing, get in touch with an old friend, feel the love!!!

Tips: Go out. As a libra, you are super lovable and easy to like remind your self of how awesome you are and what you go to offer.

Scorpio: Scorpio Rising

Zac Efron in We Are Your Friends. This New Moon is in your career and reputation zone, expect a change or desire to get ahead professionally. You may be feeling that you want to make an impact on the world or your work place in a big way. This may be a good time to confidently apply for a job, or take that next step toward you dream occupation. Also, a good time to check in that you aren’t taking things tooooo seriously. Maybe you are in the right place and killing it at work but feel the need to do MORE and you think things are moving too slow, calm down know that everything happens with in its time and keeping that confidence and drive is good enough.

As a Scorpio Moon for example I feel this energy pushing me too make small steps towards my dream job (writing regularly) but this moon reminds me to not get too upset when the rest of my life distracts me from those future career goals.

Tips: Meditate with the visual of your dream job, are you doing it for the right reasons, does it make you feel good?

Mantra: Hard work humbles me.

Sagittarius:Sagittarius Rising

The Moon in your 9th house of Philosophy. Think of it as Zac Efron In High School Musical 3. Troy is going off to college, really taking a look at the rest of his life,  how far he believes his relationships with his friends will go and what he really wants to do. (I think, I haven’t seen this movie in forever.)

Anyways, that’s you. Looking at the big picture, your beliefs and dreams and how they work together. You may be looking for some truth or spiritual nourishment again this month – or something that will quench your thirst for life and charge up those dreams. There is A LOT going on here because the 9th house is rules by Sagittarius and your planet Jupiter so you guys are feeling it big time.  This can make many Sag’s feel uneasy and restless but just remember that your dreams and thoughts that seem slightly out of reach and that frustrate you are worth it, they are the seeds of your big future ahead. But what can you do about this restlessness? Balance. In order to manifest your big future, you gotta see the good in what is around you. What is working for you right now? What good things do you have going on, what are you grateful for?   Because often, once you show some gratitude for what you got- the world hits you with more to be grateful for.

This New Moon:

Reflect on what makes you feel adventurous maybe even make plans for a new adventure (in the future or even this weekend in your own town, adventure can be found anywhere).

** side note to Sag – Another issue may be that you need to communicate your big dreams and need for adventure talk it out with a friend – you don’t have to be clear about your desires, you can even talk about how unclear your thoughts about your dreams are. But I bet that some of the tension you guys are feeling can be released by a nice convo on dreams and motivations with your best friend (or even someone completely new)!

Capricorn: Capricorn Rising

Moon in your 8th house of transformation!!

This my fave house. Transformation, the house of birth and death, life cycles. There is lots of opportunity for some real yummy change here for you Capricorns. Transformation could represent itself in a few ways, is something new and exciting making its way into your life \? you could make new wishes to make it go well. OR is it time to let go of something, a habit, a thought process, a dude? This is the time to take some steps toward change or acknowledge the steps you have taken towards letting go – making that thing die. This house is also one of the more complex, you may be feeling reluctant to admit to change, unsure if you’re really ready for it or if you have actually been making progress well, you fucking are dude. This house always reminds me of Dumbledore’s Pheonix, birth and death not nessesariy being a true ending or beginning to the phoenix’s life cycle. Like the phoenix from the phoenix we learn that these big transformations are all connected and not quite grand distinct serprations from what / where we used to be.  My advice would be to get out of your head and write down some of your thoughts on paper, make a list, recognize they way you have been transforming and set intentions to keep at those transformations. Has  the way you’ve been transforming been so subtle that you didn’t notice until you thought about it right now?

Aquarius:Aquarius Rising

There is probably a better Zac Efron movie to relate this theme to but I’m gonna go with Hairspray because  Without Love is my Jam. This New Moon is bringing up issues In your House of  love and relationships. Making this the perfect time to resolve some issues with significant others or friendships. The

Solar Eclipse may be calling for you to take an extra deep look at how these relationships help with your future goals and big picture plans. Do you see these relationships as a big part of your future? Are there still things from the past that you need to let go of in order to create harmony in your relationships this month? Or any adjustments to be made or time to be spent with a friend you haven’t had time for lately?  This is the perfect time to free yourself of the past and rededicate yourself or re-establish you bond with those you have close relationships with. As an Aquarius one of your most dominating traits is friendliness, which suggests that any approach to your relationships should come naturally and end on a positive note.

Pisces:Pisces Rising

Baywatch Zac Efron. I haven’t actually seen the movie but at least you get a nice visual.

This month brings in a focus on your daily work an health. It’s a good time to think over your current routine and ask yourself if there is enough balance between work and play? Have you been looking after your self enough? Perfect time to reward yourself if you have been treating your self well and eatin’ good or the perfect time to make plans to dedicate your self to a new healthy or satisfying habit that you have tried out this month.

Tips: – Think up a healthy routine to dedicate yourself to the next two weeks / month. Like biking, meditation or replacing that Friday night treat with a healthier alternative!

Aries:Aries Rising

Lets be real, with you Aries’ when is life not about fun? This month is

Zac Efron in Neighbours all the way. Here, your creative or romantic mind may be getting worked up or you may be needing to express a little bit of your inner child. Go for it. Find something fun to do, laugh a lot and have a good time with the people you love.  You may also find this month as a good opportunity to work on creative skills projects, feeling inspired to paint something or redecorate your room? The Solar eclipse suggest that you may want to bring more creative or romantic elements that you have been thinking of into the big picture the rest of the year. Got a skill you want to improve? Look up classes! If it is the Romance side of this house that has been on your mind maybe start a special weekly/ monthly tradition with your significant other (or best friend, or yourself).  Life is as fun as you make it and you got plenty of ways to get creative.

Things to do: Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh.

Mantra: Life is good.

Taurus: Taurus Rising

17 Again Zac Efron where he is trying to put his family back together and actually starts to get to know them better then he did as Mathew Perry.

The Moon is in your 4th house of Home and Family. With the energy of the solar eclipse this is time to re-evaluate what home and family means to you. In our 20s Home and Family tends to get a little muddled, we are drifting from our biological family and childhood homes, creating a space and choosing a famiy for our selves. This can bring up tensions and a feeling of disconnect. This would be the perfect time to priorities those people in your life who feel like family and make some time for them. Set intentions to give them more attention this new cycle or show them you love them.  This house also focuses down on the home it’s self, no is a good time to really look at your living situation and if it is the right fit, does it feel like home? Are you welcome here? How are you making the space a true home?

Now would be a good time to make your house a little more home-y. have some family over, make a memory, or buy more candles.  Hug your loved ones real tight.

Gemini : Gemini Rising

GEMINI IN THE HOUSSE. This is a huge month for you. The moon is in your 3rd house of communication ruled by Mercury which is also the planet that rules you Geminis which makes me feel that this cycle in particular will seem very busy for you. Now is a good time to wish/ set intentions for the ability to communicate yourself clearly and lovingly – or what ever way you intent to communicate. Now is the perfect time to get honest with others as the Solar eclipse is working to help us reset out habits and mindsets. Somethings that I would suggest to reflect on are: Are speaking your truth, and if not, why not? What is holding you back from speaking your mind? ALSO. What good is communication without listening? Are you taking time to truly listen to others and what they are trying to tell you (about themselves, about the world, about the freaking weather)?

Things to do:  If you mean to communicate something that you know may actually do more harm then good – write it in a letter – get that truth out, then burn it, cut it up – at least those thoughts will be released and not blocking your throat chakra anymore!

Also, recognize those steps you have taken so far to communicate better. Have you made someone feel really good about themselves by telling them how much appreciate them? shared a secret recently? Shown some humility? Those moments are KILLER and so important because they truly show love and growth and the universe loves you for them.

Cancer:Cancer Rising

This month is gonna be reflective on your cash money zone, there may be internal debate on if you really are reaping what you sow. This is a good time to wish for financial abundance and set out intentions on starting over financially or creating a healthy financial habit. As most of the receivers of this email may be students I think it is safe to say that you may be feeling slight pressure financially coming up, with the end of summer approaching. Maybe you thought you would have saved more but spent to much money on beer, or maybe you have extra cash and wanna treat yourself but that motherly part of your nature is thinking you shouldn’t be reckless. Be kind to yourself and remind yourself that you are worth it, you work hard. Find a balance between treating yourself and making proactive choices when it comes to money.

Good time to: Put some money into a savings account or that secret piggy bank.

Compromise on a treat, (back to school sale discounts oh yeaaaa)

Dear Saturn,

Prompted by my Homework From the Saturn Return Workshop.

Dear Saturn,

Thank you, first of all, for being my friend. You showed up about a year and a half ago as this silent companion whispering my dreams in my ear, telling me to pay attention and move forward. Like most friendships go, I had to warm up to you, I started seeing my dreams come true and the reality of my potential – i let more dreams form. You got louder, more rowdy, more aggravating. Being my friend wasn’t doing it for you any more and you became my hard-ass teacher, screaming at me that my dreams could be a reality and then cheering me on when i finally started to believe you.

I like to think that you started class early for me, giving me the drive to look for opportunities and self teach myself in ways I probably wouldn’t have if you hadn’t been whispering my ear a year before. I feel like i am a student who knew the teacher before they actually started class if that makes sense. I am more aware of what you want and am able to sense your teachings in even the smallest of events. Now we are at that point where I admire my teacher so much and take on their traits and think like them.

You picked a great time to make your presence stronger this year, The double Leo Moon (in my first house) pushing me even further into a new phase with new habits, new beliefs and new ways of going about life – exactly what we had been hoping for for the past year and a half.

Thanks Saturn,

I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish in the next 4 months (the end of my waning square)



Leo Season/ Eclipse Season Craziness

These past two moon cycles have got me feeling it!!!

crazy crazy transformation and tests.
Acknowledging that I have the power to make my wildest dreams come true, doubt when I have yet put in into practice followed by intense drive to finally let go of old thought patterns and make these changes for the better.

I never realized how much I wasn’t my own person socially before until I spent a month alone and make a conscious effort of protecting my energy and mentality when surrounded by friends again. for some reason i never really allowed my self to accept the fact the other accept me for just being me. This leo energy (bc im a leo) has helped me really look into who i am, who i want to be and what parts of my self i want to take the forefront of my public life now.

Today, the last day of this full moon eclipse energy, I had a very healing yoga practice out on parliament hill. I shed a few tears, multiple times because of how strongly i had needed this healing.

Today I set my intention to move forward because I am ready. I am no longer waiting to be the person in my head . I am there.  This echoes a statement i made in one of my first blog posts. Its funny how long it actually took to make that thought into a belief, and act upon it.

Today is my First day of showing up.



New Moon, New Me.

This new moon in Leo is pretty rad.
Having the moon in my first house allows me to recreate myself image and really build upon my dreams and fashion a new life based on the dreams and goals i have had in mind for quite some time.

This new moon through some surprise attacks at me, pushing me to want an higher position at work. This new goal is making me nervous about being too distracted to pursue my other goals which include – regular blogging, creative writing, keeping up a steady workout routine, being present in my personal and spiritual life.

I know that I can accomplish all of this and be the person i see in my head however, the idea of so much going makes me fear stepping back into my old habits of freezing up when things got too much or being lazy when overwhelmed.

but no more doubt.
This New Moon ushers me into a life where I am open about my spirituality, knowledgeable about it and constantly expanding my knowledge and experience. I am bravely stepping into a position where i am responsible for more then i have ever been, I am confident in my ability to balance my fitness, education, and social experiences. But most of all I am so excited to welcome in an era of where I am in love with my life – how I see the universe, how I see myself. Life is good, and I am so appreciative of all the opportunities in front of me and am always excited and thankful for experiences and their lessons – good or bad.

Thank you Universe.


Lately, I have realized that I was seeing life in terms of shifts and transitions and yes, life is full of periods of change and development and shifting. However, life also consists of periods of melding, blending and the coming together of the different parts of your self. There are times in life where your “shift” is really you balancing the aspects of yourself and your life that you have been dealing with.

Lately, There have been massive shifts in my life and now I am moving on to a massive sense of balance. Now, Balancing truly is an act. Shifts kinds happen naturally like waves, or the wind, out side forces guiding you along. Balance appears to be the same way, but to enjoy periods of balance you have to work. you have to work from the core of your being to consciously make decisions that will benefit you during this time rather than going with the flow and mistakenly ending up back a few steps.

Consciousness. Balance. Harmony.

Prompt from Aquarius Nation; Affirmation of the Day

Hearts Opened = Healing.
Allow your heart to fully open and just feel this.
You don’t have to run from the feels.
You jsut need to ride tem to the end.
Where the healing takes place.  – @aquariusnation

The past few weeks have been super intense emotionally, I keep finding myself retreating into the places of my mind that I know no longer serve me. feeling emotions I know I don’t need to be. I keep on wanting to just be okay again, but that only makes it worse because I become more frustrated when I feel the feels that I don’t want to be.

This week I aim to embrace my irrational emotions. Ride the wave and know that it’s okay to feel it out just a little bit longer because soon, most likely without em even realizing it, I will be okay again. My new life will start to feel normal and routine and I will be able to focus on what serves me, makes me happy, and helps me grow.

Fuck you, Man. But also, Namaste.

This week I have had a huge wake-up call to the fact that you may grow up and mature faster than your friends or the people that surround you. I hadn’t really realized until now how I thought my growth inspired others and that having a friendship isn’t necessarily growing together (unless you’re lucky and got those close true best friends in your life).

this week I felt increasingly more like a butterfly officially stepping out of its cocoon. For a while now  – heck, maybe the whole year- I have been aware that I had under gone (although I was still undergoing) this huge growth and change of pace in my life. The past month has been full of tests that have pushed me to exit my safe place, my cocoon, and realize that those old ways (being a push over, fantasies about old flames, clinging to friendships, even Netflix binges every night) no longer serve a purpose. I am strong enough to over come them now so why not act like the goddess I have become and literally move past them as if they are nothing?

“in the cocoon” is what I call the period of struggle that has been the past year, facing old habits and adjusting my life and mind set to keep up these bad habits and continue to tirelessly try to fit them into my life knowing deep down they didn’t serve me. I did this because I was still in the cocoon, undergoing the transformation still so these bumps and obstacles continued to make me stronger and helped build my armor that I now know I have on. (all the metaphors!)

In the cocoon, I still wanted the attention of people who disregarded me,  put me down, confronted my spiritual beliefs, or continued to accept the truth of just down right closed minded people even tho they had no respect for mine.

Yesterdays scenario will give a bit more understanding.

A friend of 9 years, is very close minded about friendships and doesn’t fully realized the complexity of one’s spiritual mind (or overall being) and doesn’t accept the mental changes that affect people actions and thoughts at given times. In short, she thinks I betrayed her in a way and doesn’t consider us friends. After a rough patch, I had thought things mended themselves, we spent more time together, texted, spoke like friends, she offered advice and support and shelter like a friend, yet, in front of a couple other people last night she accuses me of not being her friend and states her opinion and refusal to believe other wise. I was shocked, it seemed very uncalled for. I am not one to state my opinions eloquently enough on the spot and she is not one to argue with (her words confuse me and I always end up feeling like I’m making no sense). Like last time, I respected that there was no way she was going to accept my point of view and chose not to argue but acknowledged out loud that we saw things different ways and I guess there’s no changing that. This was one thing that made me acknowledge my transformation – verbal communication of my beliefs, and my refusal to change my own mind. The second thing, that took it a little further was my realization that I don’t deserve to deal with her close minded thinking any longer.  My accepting of her thought the process and letting her live her truth is great but, I should not give her time and effort and my friendship anymore if she refused to open her mind and understand my thought process and give me the same respect. its time to move on, and focus on friends who treat me well and make me feel good about myself and help me grow in my next phase of transformation.